Queen Anne's Games - Scum variants


  • Players: 3 or more; 4-8 is ideal
  • Game type: Cards, scum
  • Objective: Win and maintain the title of President.


Scum (aka A**hole, among others) is a common game whose rules can be found easily online. This page is used to explain the typical Queen Anne's version.

In Queen Anne's, two's sweep and the correct number must be played. Matching of the pile's value skips the next player, but there are no revolutions. Poker hands cannot be played. A player may pass and come back in the same round. Card passing goes as 3-2-1. In the case of multiple neutrals, the higher neutral may initiate a trade with the lower neutral. The players trade any card without looking at the card passed back. Players do not exchange seats between rounds.

Socialist Scum

Socialist scum is alternate form of passing cards. In socialist scum, each player places their best two cards face down in a pile. The president looks at the cards in the pile and picks two he/she wants. The pile is passed to the vice president who also picks two he/she wants. The pile is passed each player down the order of precedence.

At the beginning of each round, the President declares if the round is to be traditional or socialist scum.


Socialist scum was created by the Queen Anne's crew on or about December 1999.