Queen Anne's Games - 99


  • Players: 2 or more; 4-6 is ideal
  • Game type: Cards
  • Objective: Be the last player remaining


This is a variant of the commercial game card game O'NO99 (International Games, Inc.), but played with a normal deck.

A running total, starting at zero, is maintained during the game based on the cards played. The object of the game is to play such that the total does not exceed 99. If a player cannot do so, that player is out of the game and play continues to the next player. The last player remaining wins.

Each player is dealt three cards. In turn, each player plays a card in a central pile and announces the new total, then picks up a new card (maintaining 3 cards at all times). The cards have the following value:

  • A: 1
  • 2,3,5,6,7,8,9: face value
  • 4: reverse order of play
  • 10: plus or minus 10 at player's discretion
  • J: 0
  • Q: plus or minus 20 at player's discretion
  • K: total becomes 99, regardless of current value
  • Joker: double play. The next player must take two turns; a double play card cannot be used in the first turn. If a reverse (4) is played on the first turn, the double play is forced upon the original player. If the player cannot play on the first turn of the double play, the double play is forced on the next player.


Based on a game of the same name that Danny Wang knew.